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Who were the Romans?

The Etruscans:  World History Timeline/ maps

Romulus and Remus 

Romulus, the Sequel - The Sabine women


Leonideas I of Sparta  1  2

Gee... any similarities there? Notice the borrowing of both legend and culture through story.


Who were Romulus and Remus? Raised by a wolf?  What is a wolf moon?

http://www.archaeology.org/issues/102-1309/features/1205-timber-grave-culture-krasnosamarskoe-bronze-age   The Wolf Rites of Winter:  wolf warriors - from Archaeology Magazine, 2013.


Roman History:  fact and fiction


Interpreting history through all these texts:  Romans - the video- The Lost Gods

                              (and the Lost Gods:  the Greeks)



News and video of amphora circa 650 BCE

Image result for goddess statue underwater shipwreck




Slideshow:  Etruscan vs Greek/ Roman temples/art


10 Innovations We Owe to Rome:  


Video:  Death of Julius Caesar


Video:  The Fall of Rome  /  The Collapse of the Roman Empire


Rome video collection


Roman Republic:  Government



Meet the Romans with Mary Beard



Culminating Ideas:   

New York Times article:  Ostracized in Athens

Ostraca             Image result for greek ostraca Image result for ostraca 








       How did the Athenians use Ostraca?


Origins of Ostracan use  and Ostracism - Cleisthenes.  Who was Cleisthenes?  wiki   Greek Revolution Klisthenes




Socrates:  Plato's  Apology of Socrates


Image result for greek ostraca


Video:  The Sack of Rome 390 (with attributed destruction of Roman records)

The Sack of Rome text

Roman History Timeline

Livy's History:  The Founding of Rome





Tumulus (chthonic) and Neolithic village in Europe, circa 800 - 600 BC - Sulm Valley, Austria

Neolithic stones



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