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Religion and the God Kings

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Sub Plans 9/30/2016    What the Ancients Knew:  Mesopotamians  watch parts 1 and 2.



What the Ancients Knew episode 6/6

Annunaki and Sumerian Creation video


Stele of Naram Sin:  analysis

In the class time remaining, take notes on chapter sections:  Mesopotamia



Cultures:  Akkadian, Sumerian,  Babylonian

Mesopotamia Timeline


Sumerians:  Inventors of everything.

The Epic of Gilgamesh  links:

      Loading Image

Gilgamesh and Enkidu slay the Bull of Heaven:  Clay tablet and cylinder seal. c 2600 BCE.


Identification of Gilgamesh in Art - Metropolitan Museum of Art   


Historia Sumeria - multiple images of Sumerian artifacts, and  the Schoyen Collection - Assyrian, circa 2700 BC

Babylonian, 1800-1750 BC. From southern Iraq. British Museum, London.


Ishtar links:    Ishtar/ Ancient Peoples page


Hammurabi Stele (copy)  in front of the Ishtar Gate:

File:Hammurabi Stele (copy) in front of Ishtar gate.jpg

Reliefs of the bulls on the Ishtar Gate:  Museum Pergamum in Berlin

The dragons of the Ishtar Gate:  Detroit Institute of Art

The lions of the Ishtar Gate: 



Lion, bull and hairy man/ naked man images - often unidentified - circa 2K BCE




Point of Inquiry:  Start with a good question:


IE   How do scholors know what ancient Mesopotamian music sounded like?

check out the link:  music 



The Sumerian Exhibit:  Photogallery


The Royal Standard of Ur


The King's List

Architecture of Mesopotamia

Tower of Babel

Tablet found - Gilgamesh?

Rig Veda creation myth

Enumu Elish - Mesopotamian creation myth  video


video - Sumeria/Mesopotamia and early archeology

Sumerian daily life video

Wooley and Royal Cemetary at Ur article



Brain Science:  Gender and the Brain

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