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Jungian Archetypes, Warrior Code and Literary Archetypes

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Jungian Archetypes, Archetypal Journey, and Warrior Code:


Warrior Code:

    The Good Death/ Glory

    The Giving of Gifts/Inheritance

    Blood Brotherhood

    The Warrior's Boast


Etymology of the word traitor:    Online Etymology Dictionary


The 4 Stages of the Archetypal Journey

   1.  Innocence

   2.  Initiation

   3.  Chaos

   4.  Resolution


Into the Woods - Red Riding Hood's Song


Notes:  WC/ Stages of the Archetypal Journey


Literary Archetypes:

    The Unparented Hero/ Heroine

    The Mentor

    The Harbinger

    The Threshold/ Guardian

    The Helpers

            the anima    /   the shapeshifter   /  the companion  

    The Talisman

    The Goddess

    The Shadow

    The Trickster 

    The Obstacles 

    The Temptation

    The Abyss 

     The Revelation

     The Atonement

     The Transformation 

     The Gift / Return

************ (pp)   Notes


Avatar Quotes websites:

      IMDB quotes:  

      Movie quotes and more



Glogster Project:  Archetypal Journey

Sample 1 Powerpoint   Into the Woods Utube: I Know Things Now

Sample 2 Glogster:   B-

Sample 3  Prezi:  C-


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