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Joe's page

Page history last edited by Judy S. Nelson 8 years, 7 months ago


Welcome to your own special page Joe Tiner!


Citing sources using MLA citation.


Reference website:  OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab:  In-text citations page - CLICK HERE


Assignment 9/5/11     CLICK HERE



You're In/OUT essays:                                   The In/Out Worksheet




Beep Beep Beep









Critical Lenses - Literary Critical Theory/ Literary Analysis 


Intro:  What is Critical/ Lens Theory




The Historical Lens - Foucault/ "New Historicism"  1980's - Present


Post-Colonialism - 1990's - Present.  Power, Hegemony and who is considered the "other."


Why Chinese Mothers are Superior





Stranger in the Village Essay


Concepts of the Warrior Cult:

       The Blood of Kings

        The Giving of Gifts - The Sword/Armor  - loyalty and gold - blood price

          Laughing in the face of Fear (emotional detachment)

            Sacrifice = Glory - The good death


The Thirteenth Warrior


Arranging a Marriage in India

questions pdf


Universal Archetypes powerpoint 


Rockwell Images powerpoint


Citing Sources:  MLA

What goes in the "in text" parentheticals?


Qualitative Research - Data Analysis Practice

Freakonomics article

Earnings Chart

Education 2010 website





Document - Research Report Overview- CAP


Template:  Proposal


Greek Text - observations

google book excerpt:  Goddesses, Whores, Wives and Slaves:  Women and Work in Athens


Read Just the "Women at Work" section - Link Here


Week 04/16/2012-04/20/2012




Guidelines for Reflective presentation to go with prezi.docx 


First Warm up_Reflective Presentation.docx  

Comments (3)

Judy S. Nelson said

at 1:29 pm on Sep 26, 2011

9/27 Joe, please substitute the Josh and Brandon essays (2) for the other 4 essays your group will be evaluating today. It takes you longer, so I've given you fewer to do. Please evaluate them - change the titles of any of the essays from the IN/OUT sheet you haven't read yet, type in your bulleted comments, then save as.... something and print it out for me. Thanks!

Judy S. Nelson said

at 1:58 pm on Oct 4, 2011

10 / 5 / 2011 Joe, please substitute any questions that ask for visual imagery. Please answer any of these questions giving your perspective of what the details/ lyrics/ mood of the music tell you about the two groups or "villages" in the film.

Judy S. Nelson said

at 12:03 pm on Jan 11, 2012

Joe- For this upcoming unit, you and I will have to sit down and determine how best to do your "observations" since there will be modified requirements for you so as to match how you observe and collect data.
Think about the possibility of comparing narratives, since this might be the easiest, think about questions you might answer by reading collections of people's stories you might find online, and let me know. We'll procede from there, and meet on Monday.
You are awesome!

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