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Freshman English

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Of Mice and Men  

9th Syllabus 2012:  Please open and read, then have a parent read and "sign" in the email you will send to me. 

This is worth 100 pts, due by Friday, August 24th. 




Accuplacer Practice Site:  Click HERE

Complete the Sentence Skills and Reading sections, questions 31 - 55.  





     Microfiction Always/Sometimes/Never  -  Per 1 Rubric:    Per 3 Rubric




Journal Topics:

     Norman Rockwell Picture

     Goals 1/3 each:  20 yr, 5 yr, 1 yr

     What does it mean to believe?  1/2 page, then 10 "I Believe In"- 10 "I Believe That" statements

     Everything you know about ghosts 


Grammar Pretest

Writing Pretest

Most Dangerous Game :  Online Text

Most Dangerous Game Questions - see "description" on assignment on Parent Portal

SAGE Worksheet


Writing Rubric



       1.  Rubric

       2.  Traits:  Always / Sometimes  / Never




Lucille Fletcher's "The Hitchhiker" - 

     Orson Welles' radio show broadcast - audio file


     screenplay from Orson Welles' theater show - Mercury Theater


Of Mice and Men





This I Believe Website

     I Believe in Hip Hop

     I Am the Greatest


    This I Believe Essay Criteria

    Personal Narrative:  JeffCo Rubric 




Accuplacer practice tests

 Math and English - college board:  click here 

    Reading Comp  click here 

    Sentence Correction   click here 

    Correct Usage    click here 







     What is rhetoric? 

     5 Considerations to every claim: 

     Logos, Pathos and Ethos 


Advertisements consider these 5 rhetorical conditions very carefully:


What strategy does this advertisement make?  ASPCA 

(The ASPCA spent 1 million dollars making this commercial, and in turn made 30 million off one year, according to UTube.
 Apple   Nike  Honda Insight ad sheet.  Honda Insight

This link tells you some important facts about the Honda Insight.  Did they choose the right ad approach?

Mercedes: Faithful    and why they took the approach:  safety


Nationwide's old ads:  Greatest Spokesman ad   /   why they made it

Nationwide's new ad:  Julia Roberts, and why

Domino's Old Ad:

Domino's New Ad Campaign

Using Rhetoric when making a claim:  Logic and fallacies







House on Mango Street SCR Template:   click here!    


Then:   1.  word process on the template,- RUN SPELLCHECK and read/edit.

           2.  save SCR to your folder,

           3.  print, and

           4.  turn it in!


Literary Terms Definitions:


Allusion:   From Finding Nemo:   Here's Brucey

                From The Shining:   Here's Johnny 


          video/ website links:    Emotion v. Logic:  I love Justin Beeber      and     Sangaya crying teenager   and

     Brain Anatomy and Functions      teenage brains    Adolescent brain growth spurt/pruning 


     World suicide statistics    v.  American suicide statistics     TIME article- pruning, hormones





     Assignment 1.  Write a Movie Review for the Baz Luhrman production we viewed in class. Imitate style /fluency from your sample packet.


                           Highlight three sentences in your movie review sample packet that you will imitate in your review. 

                           Modify your rough draft, so that your Movie Review includes THREE SENTENCE IMITATIONS about the movie

                           "Romeo and Juliet."     Highlight or italicize or bold the three sentences in your review that are imitations.

                            Use the Always/Sometimes/ Never rubric that your class created.  This will be your grading sheet. 


                            PRINT YOURSELF A COPY! Staple it to the printout of your word- processed movie review.  


                                   Per. 1:  Click Here - Movie Review Rubric Per One


                                   Per 3:  Click here - Movie Review Rubric Per Three


                                   Per 6:  Click here - Movie Review Rubric Per Six


    TURN IN:  

  • Your highlighted packet (highlight the three sentences you imitated)
  • Your word processed movie review.
  • Your printed rubric stapled to your review (if you don't like your own period's review, print one from a different period that you do like.)
  • Your Always/Sometimes/Never



     Assignment 2.  Write a One Page Response to the following prompt:


                         At the end of the play, the Prince, Verona's legal authority, states that some of the people present will be pardoned, and

               some shall be punished.  The question remains:  who?  Pick two of the characters, living or dead at the end of the play, whom

               you feel to be the most to blame for the deaths in the play.  Assume the role of a District Attorney.  For each of the characters

               you selected, state what you would charge them with, then use specific details from the play to defend and support your charge.   

               For each piece of evidence you present, explain why a jury would be convinced towards a conviction for the charge you selected.


                         You may write your One Page Response in pen, or you can word process it.  You will be graded on:

                                   *  Content

                                   *  Critical thinking/ effort/ creativity

                                   *  Capitalization/ Punctuation/ No Excuses errors



Iranian Revolution Slideshow   http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/shared/spl/hi/pop_ups/04/middle_east_the_iranian_revolution/html/2.stm


Golding's video - what is the nature of evil in society?


Zimbardo's TED talk:





INSTRUCTIONS:   Lit Terms Quotes assignment



Prompt:  Use the following as a guide for your CLAIM:  

In Lord of the Flies, William Golding uses _________________________ (fill in your literary term) to reveal his theme that _________________________________________________.  


New York Times article:  The Real Lesson of the Stanford Prison Experiment

Video :  The Milgram Experiment


The Hero's Journey:  Jesse Vaughn video

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