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Victorian Era Earnest Unit  A Text that Promotes Change in Value

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The Victorian Web:  Edsitement


Within the fields of social history and literature, Victorianism refers to the study of late-Victorian attitudes and culture with a focus on the highly moralistic, straitlaced language and behaviour of Victorian morality.

          Queen Victoria 1887.jpg


Victorian Manners:  start at 11:40


Victorian Middle Class   Student video:  social class   and social standards


Victorian Era Documentary


EDSITEMENT:  The Importance of Being Earnest

Gender roles in the 19th Century (with other links)

Did Victorians marry for love?





Why/How visual literacy is important:  video   (we are influenced by images)


Watch the following ads. 

Identify what American Value with which the ads are associating themselves...

Jeep Superbowl               Jeep Free to Be              Subaru 1            Subaru 2


Exemplar:  You're Beautiful

Include:  Evidence and Works Cited


Assignment:  Produce a text - video, slideshow, bumper sticker, T-shirt, song, Facebook page, blog, website, podcast, poster- that identifies a social problem, big OR small, and promotes a positive CHANGE - even if that change is only awareness.   (Did you know...)  THINK ABOUT ADDRESSING ISSUES WE HAVE HERE AT AHS!

1.  All Projects MUST get approval from Ms. Pizzulo.

2.  Your project must contain evidence (quotes) from 2 current sources that establish the validity of the problem or the harms of doing nothing.  

3.   All projects must be displayable/ playable here at school.


Assignment:  CER

How does Oscar Wilde use the TEXT of Importance of Being Earnest to promote value change to the people of the Victorian era?


Required evidence:  two quotes cited correctly from the text.

Strong evidence.

Attribution phrases that put evidence into context.

Both in-text and final citation.




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