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Stranger in the Village

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An essay by James Baldwin, born 1924.


Life in 1955: pp


The Tsar Bomba vs other bombs    and     1950's footage of the blast


experimentation on gays and blacks


Leukerbad Switzerland

Image result for leukerbad switzerland


Colorado comparisons:  "Very" small towns


On black hair:  I Love My Hair


James Baldwin interviews:  on the "n" word and on his growing up in Harlem.

James Baldwin:  where are you from?        and, the even more subtle threat of the Bible.

The "economic arrangements of the Western World prove to be too expensive for the rest of the world; and the rest of the world can change these arrangements, or these arrangements will be changed for them.  This is beneath all the rhetoric and all those shameful speeches... coming from my President"


Image result

The Birmingham Campaign 1963

and the Emmett Till case:  1955  that galvanized the civil rights movement, and the Brown vs Board of Ed case in 1954.


So, to solve the inequality problem: 

"I could be a good American, or I can ally myself on the side of what I seriously consider to be a criminal nation..."     The Black Panther Movement video  and student protest/ policing the police


... vs. Martin Luther King's stance of peaceful protest.


The rage of the disesteemed:  The Birmingham campaign 1963 and the Selma March of 1965 that lead to "Bloody Sunday."  



Michael Brown autopsy and verdict:  NPR  and video after the shooting.  What CNN reported shortly after the shooting.

Image result for michael brown autopsy



Rage and protest at verdict of trial:  A City Reacts


Spike Lee:  comments on Tyler Perry-esque movies...buffoonery.

You be the judge:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCd4wH-SlCE

Tyler Perry's response to Oprah.


On being a hybrid - I am terrified at the moral apathy, the death of the heart, which is happening in my country.   [They do not recognize my humanity.]     I base this on their conduct, not what they say..... they have become, in themselves, moral monsters.


The Cathedral at Chartres

The Angelus

Coventry Carol

Carol of the Bells - nuns

The Mormon Tabernacle choir:  Carol of the Bells

Mannheim Steamroller carol of the bells    Trans-Siberian Orchestra Carol of the Bells

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir:  Lux Aurumque

Coventry Carol from Assyria




Plantation Dancing

African Dancing and warrior/hunter athleticism

Cab Calloway and the  Brothers:  the American experience

Fred Astaire   dancing on the ceiling   /  Jailhouse Rock    /  Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal

Make 'Em Laugh   

Gene Kelly Singing in the Rain          Step UP2



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