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Logos Pathos Ethos and Logical Fallicies

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     What is rhetoric? 

     5 Considerations to every claim: 

     Logos, Pathos and Ethos 


Smekens Education:  Difference between Persuasion and Argument - chart and highlighting exercise


Advertisements consider these 5 rhetorical conditions very carefully:



What strategy does this advertisement make?  ASPCA 

(The ASPCA spent 1 million dollars making this commercial, and in turn made 30 million off one year, according to UTube.
 Apple   Nike  Honda Insight ad sheet.  Honda Insight

This link tells you some important facts about the Honda Insight.  Did they choose the right ad approach?

Mercedes: Faithful    and why they took the approach:  safety


Nationwide's old ads:  Greatest Spokesman ad   /   why they made it

Nationwide's new ad:  Julia Roberts, and why

Domino's Old Ad:

Domino's New Ad Campaign



Using Rhetoric when making a claim:  Logic and fallacies


Video:  Logical Fallacies in News/ On TV

Video:  Identify the fallacies in these commercials

logical fallacies examples


Logical fallacies definitions



 *   Be able to comprehend and craft:

              -  A Claim that addresses an issue.

             -   A logical counterclaim to that issue

             -   Supportive statements using evidence for both sides


*  Be able to identify:

             Strengths and weaknesses of argument


              Logical fallacies within argument




               CAP RUBRIC:   

               DEBATE OUTLINE:  


Requirements:  You and a partner write an argument either for or against a resolution that states a position "we" should take on a current issue.

                    Support your resolution with at least two sound REASONS.

                    Support each REASON with at least two credible sources.

                    Identify the Counterclaim's best reasoning, provide evidence, and then offer rebuttal.

                    Provide an opening and closing paragraph - see Outline.

                    Cite your sources using MLA citation ( in-text parentheticals and a Works Cited list)

                    Length:  your Arguement/ Debate Case should be about 5 - 6 minutes when read out loud.  

VALUE:  200 pts


Pages to generate debate topics:

   *  http://economicthinking.org/category/economics-of-federal-domestic-surveillance/     

   *  iDebate.com

   *  Opposing Viewpoints in Context    (Galenet - requires JeffCo Library Card number) 


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