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Real World Applications

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Project One:  Get the job/ be accepted to college!   Create a resume/ cover letter for your portfolio.

1.  READ:  US News and World Report:  "The 7 Ingredients of a Well-Written Entry Level Resume"



2.  View some great sample entry level resumes:


Sample Resume 1  scroll to bottom/ click on Resume sample:  Note, either chronological or reverse 

Sample 2 - copy and paste the URL below onto a new tab.  Open the pdf.  Scroll down to pg 7   https://careercenter.depaul.edu/_documents/resume_packet.pdf


Sample 3   Purdue OWL Resume samples  click on the  PDF and open it!


Resume Assignment - 9/7/2016

        3.   Create a working resume.  Due:  end of class!   Exit ticket.   100 pts

         Your resume MUST HAVE:  

  1.           Correct spelling
  2.            Consistent formatting
  3.           Balanced white space
  4.           Use of formatting tools:  Bolds, italics, size and shading for emphasis
  5.           Address of ANY business you list, including ARVADA HIGH SCHOOL
  6.           Your current ACCURATE GPA.  (I can get this for you.)
  7.           Your projected graduation date
  8.           Accurate data:  clubs, sports, honors, volunteer hours, leadership roles
  9.           Bullets that QUANTIFY AND QUALIFY your work experience or leadership roles!
  10.           Active verbs!    


Your resume MAY include your photo.   You MAY also want to pick a style that has a matching cover letter.


FINAL RESUME:  must have 2 REAL References with email or phone contacts/ Be error free.  Due 9/20


Use the templates on Google or download a free template online to create and print a resume.  Neatness and appearance COUNT!!! 

Pizzulo's google resume with comments:



Cant remember what parallel formatting is?  Go HERE:    OWL resource:  parallel format 


What's an OBJECTIVE?  Click HERE




1.  Choose a style  / format that matches your resume if possible

2.  Use the real address of the job or college to which you are applying.  Look it up.  

3.  Use a cover letter template to format your cover letter.

4.  Briefly, in paragraph form:  relate a specific incident/ practice that demonstrates one of the soft skills that businesses - and colleges- want most.  (Quantify and qualify)

5.  Ask a question or state why their company/ school appeals to you:  Demonstrate that you've done research into that company or school.

6.  Use the bullets on the blue cover letter instruction sheet below to fill out the rest of your cover letter.  

          Keep it short

          Be as specific as possible

7.  Check for errors.  I will return any cover letters that I see that have Caps Errors or misspelled words. 

Submit to Google Classroom by the end of block - 


Business Communications: email, cover letter, memos, etc.      About.com video

 Career Report/ ResumeMemos and Emails Assignment1.docx


Job Cover letter sample

Cover letter:  wordy

Cover letter:  succinct  (BETTER!!!)

College cover letter


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