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Romeo and Juliet

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   video/ website links:    Emotion v. Logic:  I love Justin Beeber      and     Sangaya crying teenager   and

     Brain Anatomy and Functions      teenage brains    Adolescent brain growth spurt/pruning 

Almost everything about the Teenage Brain


     World suicide statistics    v.  American suicide statistics     TIME article- pruning, hormones


Excerpts:  The Art of Courtly Love - from the Court of Eleanor of Aquitane

What is courtly love? video       and   fast facts/ history:  courtly love





     Assignment 1.  Write a Movie Review for the Baz Luhrman production we viewed in class. Imitate style /fluency from your sample packet.


                           Highlight three sentences in your movie review sample packet that you will imitate in your review. 

                           Modify your rough draft, so that your Movie Review includes THREE SENTENCE IMITATIONS about the movie

                           "Romeo and Juliet."     Highlight or italicize or bold the three sentences in your review that are imitations. 

                            Use the Always/Sometimes/ Never rubric that your class created.  This will be your grading sheet. 


                            PRINT YOURSELF A COPY! Staple it to the printout of your word- processed movie review.  


                                   Per. 1:  Click Here - Movie Review Rubric Per One


                                   Per 3:  Click here - Movie Review Rubric Per Three


                                   Per 6:  Click here - Movie Review Rubric Per Six


    TURN IN:  

  • Your highlighted packet (highlight the three sentences you imitated)
  • Your word processed movie review.
  • Your printed rubric stapled to your review (if you don't like your own period's review, print one from a different period that you do like.)
  • Your Always/Sometimes/Never



     Assignment 2.  Write a One Page Response to the following prompt:


                         At the end of the play, the Prince, Verona's legal authority, states that some of the people present will be pardoned, and

               some shall be punished.  The question remains:  who?  Pick two of the characters, living or dead at the end of the play, whom

               you feel to be the most to blame for the deaths in the play.  Assume the role of a District Attorney.  For each of the characters

               you selected, state what you would charge them with, then use specific details from the play to defend and support your charge.   

               For each piece of evidence you present, explain why a jury would be convinced towards a conviction for the charge you selected.


                         You may write your One Page Response in pen, or you can word process it.  You will be graded on:

                                   *  Content

                                   *  Critical thinking/ effort/ creativity

                                   *  Capitalization/ Punctuation/ No Excuses errors




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