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Mythology and the Odyssey

Page history last edited by Judy S. Nelson 4 years, 9 months ago


Assignment 1:  Greek and Roman Myth in our vocabulary

Go to this Padlet Link:   http://arvadahigh.padlet.org/jsnelson2/eywtd692r4a9

     code:  mythwords

For the word you've been assigned, create a Padlet, Googleslide, Prezi or other digital media presentation to cover the following 4 categories for your word:

     *  Word  (part of speech) and Definitions

     *   Etymology:   Greek origin and brief explanation connecting the Greek/ Roman myth to the modern                   meaning of the word

      *  Synonyms and connotations

      *  Images and Quotes / fun facts 

Make your presentation INTERESTING!  - visually and in terms of content.  Cite sources:  MLA.  Use Easybib.com


You will present this to the class!  Value:  100 pts



A:  Contains all four elements.  Definitions/ explanations make sense, are complete.  More than one definition or example is provided.  Pictures and quotes contribute to understanding of the word.  Sources are cited using MLA citation.  Design is appealing and organized.  


B:  Contains all four elements.  Content is accurate but brief.  Pictures and quotes fit the basic context of the word.  Sources other than online dictionaries are cited.  Slides contain few/ minor spelling or logic errors.  Effort at appealing design is apparent.


C:  Contains three out of four elements.  Content may contain a few errors.  One or more sections is incomplete or vague, or unclear.   Attempt at citing sources is present, but in need of editing.  Design/ layout shows lack of organization.


D:  Contains three out of four elements, but content contains errors, with two or more sections being incomplete.  Spelling errors are obvious.  Sources are not cited/ citations are URL's. Design makes it difficult to appreciate presentation.  (ie, text is yellow) Presenter is not finished in time to present to class.  (Tues 3/1/16)


F:  Contains two out of four elements, elements are error-laden.  Images do not fit the text/ concept.  Presenter chooses not to present.  



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